A Good Year for POP – 2016

2016 has been the year of a lot of things. Breakthroughs, deaths, popular movies and trends, a lot have happened in the show business industry! But what’s new in the music industry? You’ll find a lot of gossip and rumors about artists and singers, but now it’s time to shed a bit of light to the best pop albums of 2016 this time. This year saw tons of awesome music in the form of pop albums. You can’t contain yourself from a strong urge to purchase the album right away! With popular artists and their catchy songs, you’ll feel the emotion and the beat with their new and best pop albums of the year.


The Best Pop Albums of 2016

Based on reviews and sales from around the world, here are the best pop albums of the year:


Lemonade by Beyonce

Beyonce lets it all out and truly expresses herself with this album. It shows her love and marriage problems, from the beginning down to the end of her marriage. It’s great because though she suffered through emotional turmoil from separating with her husband, she still creates one of the bestselling albums of the year. Truly shows the true power of art and expression, which is why it deserves the spot as number 1 pop album of 2016.


Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

Written by Ariana Grande, her songs found in the album are intense. Not just through the lyrics, but by her amazing singing skills! There’s a lot of sexiness to the songs, removing her status as good girl and making her the dangerous woman she describes in her album. Ariana takes a huge leap forward from her previous albums, but it is as if she isn’t making herself free from the restraints of what the crowd wants. Still, with the amazing melody and skill, it deserves to be one of the best pop albums of 2016.

A short preview for you guys.

Mind of Mine by Zayn

After leaving the famous boy-band, Zayn finally makes a solo appearance with his debut album Mind of Mine. With Pillow Talk being one of the most popular songs of the album, you’ll be able to feel the strong and intense emotion of love he has. He truly has shown his true colors that were censored during his time with One Direction. Gone is the teenage boy, as we now see him grow up into a man through this album!



These pop albums of 2016 are for everyone, no matter who they are or where they are in the world! Popular worldwide, these pop albums are what help connect people together and make them dance to the beat in harmony. Not only that, but you’ll also feel the emotion as you listen to the lyrics and feel how the singers are feeling as well! You can purchase these albums online or in any local album store, or you can even stream or listen to in on the Internet or using apps found in your smartphone or PC. What are you waiting for? Why not give these pop albums a listen and see for yourself! You’ll definitely enjoy the many songs and beats.