Essential things you need for an amazing RV camping trip


Going RVing is a wonderful experience especially if you’re looking for some time off, away from the crowded city. It’s an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature and charge your batteries to the fullest.

In order to have a memorable vacation, you need to be prepared with all the essential items an RV camping trip requires. You can’t be unprepared because it’s quite a challenge trying to find a supermarket in the middle of nowhere.

Since you’ve probably already made an itinerary and you plan on spending as much time as possible in hidden places, you might want to get a quiet generator as well. Preferably, you should purchase a unit that comes with a remote start. You’ll want to catch up some reading or spend a nice evening cooking a delicious meal. So, you need electricity to do all these lovely things. If you look around for special offers, you might get a bargain during online sales.

The next item is another indispensable thing because RV’s tend to have toilets with a shallow bowl. This means that there’s not so much water at the bottom so you’ll need a toilet bowl brush to clean the toilet if situations get sticky. Plus, it’s a great tool if you want to clean the black tank after you’ve dumped it.

The only problem is that toilet brushes are typically sold with a plunger which is totally useless when you travel with an RV. Make sure you get one outfitted with a cover as well as a hook in the handle so you can easily store it inside the bathroom without having to worry about bouncing rides.

Most RV’s doesn’t feature any sheets for mattresses. After you complete your search for the best mattress for RV, you should also look for bed sheets. Avoid sensitive materials and bright colors because they stain fast. While on the go, you don’t have time to do the laundry so often so you might want to grab some made from good quality material and a color that hides a little dirt.

Never leave your house without packing a first aid kit. You need medicine and band-aids to use if you get cut or stung by a bee. Maybe you stay too much in the sun and you get terrible migraines. Anyway, it’s best to have one, so put this item on top of your priority item list.

Nobody wants to talk about the ugly part of RVing but the truth is that you will have to dump your tanks at some point. Since it’s not the most pleasant job in the world, you can get some equipment that can improve the experience.

A dump hose is your best friend in a situation like this. When in the market for a hose, keep in mind the size of it and whether it has a right angle bracket for easy viewing. Having a clear view piece enables you to see what’s going through the dump hose.