The benefits of listening classical music for children

Childhood is the most impressionable age. Anything seen or experienced by a child goes a long way with her and is a determinant factor in shaping her attitude and the overall personality as an adult. I have been a teacher throughout my career and I have observed many students of mine grow up to wonderful humans. And  I can say with full confidence that right kind of nurturing given to a child in her formative years, will do wonders in her youth and the rest of life. Classical music is one of such wonderful ways to let your children grow beautifully with sensitivity.

Induces Calmness

It’s  been a truth that the harmony and mellowness of classical music are unmatched. The magic lies in the choice of instruments and the notes created by the learned classical maestros. It creates a sort of calmness in the listeners. A child who grows in a home where classical music in an integral part of daily routine shows gentler behaviour than others.


Creates serene atmosphere to focus

An environment is conducive for a child if it encourages her to learn new things. The child learns only when she grows in a serene environment. Classical music is devoid of unnecessary cacophony displayed in other forms  of music so, it creates a perfect environment for learning and imbibing never-to-be-forgotten traits.

Close to nature

Most of the classical musicians we hear agree that they get inspiration from nature for their melodious compositions. So, we can say that classical music depicts nature in its purest form. It brings a young kid close to nature and the child will grow as a sensitive and sensible but an emotionally strong individual. She will be able to appreciate the variety of thoughts and difference of opinions. She will easily adapt to any unknown situation or place.

Generates curiosity

The rhythm and notes of a classical music composition are authentic and if a child is exposed to such refined music forms, it will help her grow with an inquisitive nature and an inherent capability to understand complex things. Such an experience will make her look forward to and positively towards life with a hope to do the best while learning from every experience of her life

According to me, music can change the world. If this therapy begins along with the early years of a person, I am sure the benefits are countless and unexpectedly positive.