Who invented the soundbar?

A sound bar is an integrated box which consists of speakers, subwoofers and other supporting parts that help to produce a surround sound effect. Yes, a single box with multiple sound effects. Amazing, isn’t it? Sound bars are capturing the markets of big sized home theater sound systems swiftly. The traditional 5-in-1 or 4-in-1 would often capture a huge space at homes and do not go well with home decor. You will be truly amazed to find out the technology and history behind the invention of this well-crafted single piece of the sound system.



It was the year 1998, a year that gave the music lovers a marvelous gift in the form of a box called sound bar. The credit of creating this all-in-one modular sound box goes to Altec Lansing, who named this first state-of-the-art sound bar as “ Voice of the digital theater” . The first sound bar consisted of a separate subwoofer but it offered Dolby, stereo and surround sound to great effect. The invention was a breakthrough in sound systems which eliminated the complex wiring mesh and was a boon for homes with limited space. Later on, many companies like Pioneer Electronics, Philips, Yamaha, and other music giants launched their own proprietary versions of sound bars with modifications and new sound drivers.

To add the stereo effects to sound bar, some manufacturers invented the new method called soundbar hybrid to relish the benefits of both soundbar and stereo system. The manufacturer designed soundbars in such a way that left-right and center speakers are in one unit and a rear left and rear right are in the detachable unit to produce a hybrid sound effect. If you need a loud and better bass, then you can go for another version of soundbars called soundbases. They are similar shape and design but only larger in size as compared to soundbars.



The invention of sound bars is a revolution in the music industry. They are easy to carry, less expensive than conventional sound systems, easy to install and relatively compact in size. Said that, the soundbars may not send the sound to all corners of big rooms ( this is an article where you can find soundbars for big rooms) and in such a case you find it difficult to place them to get the optimum sound effects. Considering the benefits of soundbars, all credit goes to its inventors, who have crafted this masterpiece in the form of soundbars.